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Engaging with the young adults: cracking the codes of an uncompromising audience

Théâtre Marie Curie


Generation Y & Z are notoriously more committed than their predecessors. Environment, identity, representation, sexuality … all subjects that they consider central, unquestionable and on which they are more radical than their elders. How do we go from a politically correct sprinkling to a real and unequivocal contribution? What is the impact on creation, can we still be universalist? How can we be attractive enough to divert their attention from the super short snackable content on social media?

In partnership with Goteborg International Film Festival

Une discussion modérée par Marike Muselaers, Chief Content & Partnerships Officer, Lumier Groupe

They will be present
Lisa Ambjörn
Screenwriter and Showrunner "Young Royals" - Sweden
Sened DHAB
Director of Digital Fiction - FRANCE TÉLÉVISIONS - France
Ron Leshem
Creator, Producer - Anonymous Content - United States
Writer/creator "Saving the Fucking Planet" - Fenomen TV - Norway

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