I’m not on the who’s who.

In order to appear in the who’s who, I invite you to make the change from your account by changing the information you want to appear.

“It doesn’t work” or “I can’t connect”…

Thank you for your message, we will take into account your request with our teams. In order to answer your problem as well as possible, could you please tell us :

  • Your email
  • Your password
  • The browser you are using
  • If you are on computer or mobile URL of the problem
  • If the site displays an error message, can you take a screenshot

This information will allow us to process your request more quickly.

I don’t seem to fully understand how the online pro space works, especially adding events to my schedule. I can add events to my favorites but I don’t see how to add panels, discussions, pitching sessions and sessions to my schedule.

Unfortunately, I can’t fill in my agenda on the online pro space. Could you please show me a way to do it?

The favorites and the agenda are two distinct functions.

The favorites allow you to save the conferences you are interested in so that you can attend them live.

I would like to be able, on behalf of […], to request appointments with producers who will be at the Forum but, on the platform, I can’t figure out how to do it.

Could you please help me with this?

You must go to the projects here:


Then in a project, click on ASK FOR A MEETING on the right:

You will need to click on the green New Request button and enter the name of the Project Carrier to propose an appointment.

I am accredited but I cannot access the digital platform. The codes I use from my Festiciné space are not recognized. Could you pass on my request so that I can quickly prepare my visit?

In order to connect to the platform, please go to forum.seriesmaniaplus.com/en/

Click on LOGIN at the top of the platform.

If you are unable to log in, please try to recover your password using Forgotten Password. If the problem persists, please come back to us with :

  • Your email
  • Your password
  • The browser you are using
  • If you are on a computer or a cell phone

What is the new IPS, Books and Podcasts section ?

The IPS, Books and Podcasts section is an exclusive selection of books and podcasts to be read and listened to as soon as possible in order to be adapted into TV series. This section was previously on the website and is now exclusive to members of the digital platform!

Where is the company directory ?

The company directory is no longer accessible to users.

How do I access the forum’s internal messaging service ?

The messaging service will be opened soon. The opening date will be communicated on our networks and on the platform.

Where can I apply to take part in the matchmaking sessions ?

Requests for “Matchmaking” appointments with project owners will open in early March 2023. To request a meeting, you must log in to the Series Mania + platform and go to the Projects page. Then in a project, click on “Ask for a meeting” on the right. You will then have to select one of the available slots for matchmaking.

Video tutorial: https://youtu.be/XFCqcNHOJeU