Dr Augusta Bloom Series


A major international crime thriller series written by a psychologist who worked with the police. It’s a battle of the minds between two female leads: private detective and psychologist Dr Augusta Bloom ; and serial killer Seraphine, one of Dr Bloom’s ex-clients! Leona’s series is based on the premise that 1% of the population have psychopathic tendencies.

Gone sold in 12 territories (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain and Turkey).
Lost sold in 2 territories (Bulgaria and Germany).
Hunt is actively on submission internationally.

Represented by Jenna Brown : [email protected]


Deakin Leona


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Deakin Leona
Transworld Publishers (Black Swan) – Penguin Random House UK
Gone (2019), Lost (2020), Hunt (2021), The Fall Guy (29 September 2022)

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