In 2037, mistrust of the political world is growing. As elections are held, a young hacktivist embarks on an unprecedented investigation to reveal the true nature of this election to the general public.

What’s the story ?

“2037. Augmented reality, trafficking, social and health crises, political and media agitation have completed the fragmentation of French society. Noise and fury dominate. A new drug, banned by the government, is making a killing : Silencio.
It offers peace of mind, the impression of reconnecting with oneself.

The only problem: its repeated use causes symptoms similar to early Alzheimer’s.
To preserve their memories, thousands of people regularly connect to a backup protected by the BlackNet, a nebulous group of hacktivists fighting against political corruption.

On the eve of the presidential election, where populists and environmentalists are pitted against each other, a former intelligence agent is recruited by the far-right candidate to counter the ever-growing influence of the BlackNet, while its administrators have assigned a gifted journalist and hacker to ensure their security…”

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3 reasons why you should adapt this podcast into a TV series :

  • For political and thriller genres that plunge us into a near future
  • For its two strong characters: a hacker activist and a hermit
  • For its success story in France where the podcast has been adapted into a book

Producer : Bababam

Contact : [email protected]


Thomas Le Petit-Corps


10 x 13
Thomas Le Petit-Corps

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