Projet Orloff


May 1981. While the French foreign intelligence service goes under the socialist flag, the liaison officer of the main Soviet intelligence source, code name Orloff, disappears…

What’s the story ?

A Frenchwoman infiltrated in an American aeronautical research center, a journalist from L’ Humanité who launches an investigation into the death of his father during the Algerian war, a succession of crisis meetings at the Elysée Palace and at the SDECE headquarters, wiretapped embassies, a chase from London to Geneva, Lady Di’s wedding, an empty hotel at the gateway to the Algerian desert… “Project Orloff” is a breathtaking spy story, where fictional characters and situations unfold in the very real chronology of the early 1980s, when East-West relations were still dominated by the Cold War…

Listen to the podcast

3 reasons why you should adapt this podcast into a TV series :

  • For its gripping story built as a political thriller
  • For the historic period rarely seen in tv series.
  • For its popular success in France a second season in production.

Producer : Radio France

Contact : [email protected]


Tanguy Blum


Christian Brugerolle


Antoine Piombino


11 x 15'
Tanguy Blum, Christian Brugerolle, Antoine Piombino

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