La Herida

What's the story?

A nun working in a slum who goes missing, a corrupt Patagonian governor who can’t seem to clean up his image. Secret service agent Remil is set on both tasks and forced to work with a political advisor who has everyone in the palm of her hand. What they encounter is as criminal as crime can go. Romance, globe-trotting adventure, narco kings, mafiosos, even Pope Francisco and the Vatican play their part. Action-packed, sophisticated, a global critique of power itself.

Why should you adapt it into a TV series?

Highly filmic. Think Skyfall—with an aging old hero who’s battling his demons saving the day, set against the dramatic backdrops of Patagonia and Rome. The director would likely have to eliminate some plot twists and turns because there are many (however they are effective and do keep the reader guessing).

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Jorge Fernández Diaz


Jorge Fernández Diaz
Crime, Spy, Thriller

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