How to win friends and disappear people



What’s the story about ?

Starring Leslie Grace, this 10-episode supernatural thriller follows Nancy, a nebbish computer scientist, who becomes obsessed with her mysterious new neighbor. It doesn’t take long for her to uncover a dark secret: the mystery woman, El, is actually a centuries-old vampire. As Nancy becomes her familiar (basically her assistant), bringing the vampire into the social media-driven world of millennial New York City, they are both pulled down a rabbit hole of deceit, murder, and mayhem.

3 reasons why you should adapt this podcast:

  • A truly original and funny story of a vampire in the modern world
  • A fresh way to explore modern relationships and feelings unique to the digital age
  • And toxic friendships, deceit, murder

Producer : Q Code Moedia

Contact : Steve



Sophia Lopez


10 x 40'
Sophia Lopez
Comedy, Thriller

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