Hoaxed is a podcast series from Alexi Mostrous and Tortoise the team that published the number 1 podcast hit Sweet Bobby. Hoaxed is a six part series that tells a shocking story: In 2014, two children told police that they were being abused by a Satanic cult; a cult headed by their father and by parents and teachers at their school in the wealthy London suburb of Hampstead. The story was a lie. But on the internet, that didn’t matter. Hoaxed is an investigation into one of Britain’s most serious-ever conspiracy theories. A story about a modern-day Satanic panic; about the victims whose lives were destroyed and about the conspiracists who spread the lie around the world. And it’s about our hunt for the perpetrators – the people who forced the kids to lie – the ones who started it all.
Hoaxed was voted top podcast 2022 by The Guardian and has been listened to by over 2 million people globally.

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United Kingdom

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