Here comes Pam – Season 4

The Plot Thickens


The story of a black women in Hollywood in the 70’s and a black woman in America

What’s the story?

This is the story of Pam Grier as only she can tell it. Her sudden stardom, her iconic roles, her fights against the system. It’s a story of bravery, both onscreen and off. It’s a story about race in Hollywood and race in America. And it’s a story about how real life is a lot messier than the movies.

3 reasons why you should adapt this podcast into a TV series:

  • For its never-told story of a black actress and singer from Colorado who became the queen of blaxploitation films
  • For its strong, charismatic, passionate, talented female character
  • For its powerful storytelling, recalling the struggle against a system steeped in racism and misogyny

Producer : TCM

Contact : Angela Carone


Ben Mankiewicz


Ben Mankiewicz

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