What’s the story about ?

The near future. Thomas takes up an unusual job offer: for seven days, he will live in a cabin on the edge of the woods, preventing anyone from entering or leaving. His only distraction is a radio, which enables him to communicate with Lucie, a young woman who occupies the same position as him on the other side of the forest. But there’s a secret rule: you mustn’t follow the lights seen near the cabins every night. Thomas soon realizes that he’s not the only one wondering about these lights: Ahmed, a villager convinced that a plot is being hatched in the woods, breaks into Lucie’s cabin one night and forces her, under threat, to accompany him into the forest. When Thomas enters the forest to rescue Lucie, he discovers the source of the lights: a shaft of light between the trees, into which cars with tinted windows are plunging. Thomas and Lucie manage to escape from the forest, only to be caught by Jacques, the janitor supervisor. He promises to take Lucie back to her cabin, on condition that they tell no one what they’ve seen. The next day, when Thomas tries to contact Lucie by radio, an unknown voice tells him that the young woman has been replaced and will never return…

3 reasons why you should adapt this podcast into a TV series:

  • For its mysterious and frightening atmosphere
  • For the myth of the end of the world and the passage into another dimension
  • For its characters who question the system

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Producer: France Culture

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Mehdi Bayad


Mehdi Bayad
Psychological thriller, Science-Fiction

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