De Profundis


2174. After two centuries of global warming with terrible storms raging on the surface of the Earth, the cities have been buried and the survivors found refuge in small underground communities.
With no transportations and barely no communications, Humanity survives only by gleaning the remains of our past greatness, sending expeditions down to the buried ruins of the cities. A place where the light never comes in. And where whispers make your blood freeze.
Just after the inexplicable slaughter of a whole community, the expedition team of Odraz village is reported missing.
Accidents are common in the depths and Lieutenant Julie Nils is sent to the scene for what is supposed to be a routine investigation. In fact, it’s her first step into a world of lies, revelations, and above all, horror.
Gruesome murders, epidemic spreading, terrifying silhouettes that move in the shadows… The line between good and evil is shattered in this breathless journey, as Julie figures out what is really at stake in the depths of the Earth: the survival of Humanity.

Come and see the pitch on 22 March 2023 during the Podcast to Screen session!


Franck Gombert


Franck Gombert

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