Après les murs



A true story made of thefts, escapes and redemption.

What’s the story?

Après les murs is a life story with a western feel. A life of adventure and dangerous choices, told by Serge, a repentant cowboy. A life of resilience too.
Car thefts, robberies, prison, escapes, Serge’s life and criminal record are full. “”But life is not Casa de Papel,”” he says. Every act has consequences. Today, Serge has found his way, he founded a non-profit association and made it by the sweat of his brow. He looks back on his chaotic path and takes advantage of this introspection to point out the flaws of the Belgian justice system. Verdict: it is exclusion that leads to delinquency, it would be enough to give a real place to everyone in society to avoid wasting lives in prison.

3 reasons why you should adapt this podcast into a TV series:

  • For its sympathetic and fearless character to whom one becomes attached
  • For its addictive, sensitive and hopeful story with a lot of cliffhangers 
  • For the message it conveys on redemption and perseverance

Producer : RTBF

Contact:  [email protected]

Come and see the pitch on 22 March 2023 during the Podcast to Screen session!


Ambre Ciselet


Ambre Ciselet

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